Key roles

2021 - Semester 2

Role Name
Head of School Lisa Featherstone
Deputy Head of School Adam Bowles
Director of Teaching & Learning Marguerite La Caze
Director of Research Martin Crotty
Director of Research Training Joel Katzav
Director of Engagement Ryan Williams
Director, RD Milns Antiquities Museum Janette McWilliam
Integrity Officer Estelle Strazdins
Chair of Examiners Lisa Featherstone


Classics in Ancient History
Role Name
Discipline Convenor David Pritchard
Honours/PGCW Advisor Duncan Keenan-Jones
Research & Research Training Advisor Tom Stevenson
Studies in Religion
Role Name
Discipline Convenor Adam Bowles
Honours/PGCW Advisor Neil Pembroke
Research & Research Training Advisor Neil Pembroke
Role Name
Discipline Convenor Aurelia Armstrong
Honours/PGCW Advisor Guillermo Badia
Research & Research Training Advisor Peter Evans
Role Name
Discipline Convenor Geoff Ginn
Honours/PGCW Advisor Andrew Bonnell
Research & Research Training Advisor Patrick Jory