ImageThe School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry is an engaged, intellectually rich and inclusive teaching, research, and learning environment. We aspire to be a place where academic, student, professional and public communities connect, thrive and create positive change.

Through our disciplines of History, Philosophy, Classics and Ancient History, and Studies in Religion, we seek to inspire, understand, make and impart knowledge, and create ideas to shape our future. 

The School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry has teaching and research strengths in;

  • History (particularly medieval history, Australian history, Asian history, modern British and European history, and gender history); 
  • Philosophy (particularly European philosophy, ethics, logic, the philosophy of science)
  • Classics and Ancient History (particularly late antiquity, the social and cultural history of the Graeco-Roman world; classical reception), and
  • Religious Studies (particularly ancient Sanskrit texts, religion in contemporary debates and societies, Islam, Intersections between science and religion, and the history of religious diversity in Queensland). 

Staff in the School are closely connected with local, national and international communities. Our staff serve on expert advisory panels, support school programmes, advise governments, host international conferences, hold international fellowships, appear frequently in the media, deliver public lectures, and publish extensively and widely. We also host numerous visitors, most notably through the RD Milns Antiquities museum

These pages contain a great deal more about the School, its staff and their activities. 

For individual contact details see our staff directory.

Professor Lisa Featherstone 
Head of School
School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry