History is an ongoing dialogue between the past and the present. Studying History allows us to understand the origins of our contemporary world, and to examine how our culture has developed and changed over time.

UQ offers the most comprehensive History curriculum in Queensland, from undergraduate to PhD level. History at UQ offers rich and exciting offerings in European History, Asian History and Australian History, spanning from the medieval world right through to contemporary studies. 

Many History students complete their degree and work in education or heritage, or undergo further postgraduate training as an historian. Yet a History major offers a multitude of other opportunities. UQ History courses offer transferrable skills that are practical and in-demand. Our students learn high-level skills in research, as well as critical thinking, evidence based arguments, and of course the ability to write clearly and persuasively. Our students find work in business, the government sector, international relations, law, publishing, journalism and media, tourism, information management, public relations, film and television production.


History at UQ has research strength in 3 main areas: medieval and early modern European history; Asian history; and contemporary Western histories including Europe, Britain and Australia. Within this, our historians have national and international profiles in multiple distinctive areas of scholarship including:

  • Violence and atrocity
  • Gender and sexuality, in particular sexual violence
  • War and conflict
  • Empire and imperialisms
  • Religious histories
  • Political histories of Asia and the West
  • Histories of science, technology and business

Featured projects

  • Chronica majora, The Battle of Hattin and the loss of the True Cross

    Atrocity in Warfare: A Social and Cultural History

    January 2016December 2019
    ARC Discovery Project
    This project examines how and why concepts of atrocity came to be an important part of delineating the limits of war.
  • Sri Selva Vinayaka Temple

    The Queensland Atlas of Religion

    January 2020December 2023
    ARC Linkage Project
    This new project will investigate, document and interpret the diversity of religion and religious practices in Queensland's past and present. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, it will generate the first major scholarly treatment of religions in Queensland via a large public reference website.