History projects

  • Chronica majora, The Battle of Hattin and the loss of the True Cross

    Atrocity in Warfare: A Social and Cultural History

    January 2016December 2019
    ARC Discovery Project
    This project examines how and why concepts of atrocity came to be an important part of delineating the limits of war.
  • Sri Selva Vinayaka Temple

    The Queensland Atlas of Religion

    January 2020December 2022
    ARC Linkage Project
    This new project will investigate, document and interpret the diversity of religion and religious practices in Queensland's past and present. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, it will generate the first major scholarly treatment of religions in Queensland via a large public reference website.
  • Two Thai women interacting

    Manners in Thailand's Social and Political Transformation, 1880-1980

    June 2018December 2021
    ARC Discovery Project
    Using Thailand as a case study this project will produce the first comprehensive history of the bodily practices, modes of speech, and mental discipline known as Thai manners.