Why choose an Honours degree

The School Honours program offers you an extra year of high quality study. It is the first step to a specialist career in your chosen discipline. For those who choose not to continue onto a research higher degree, an Honours degree provides a significant competitive edge in the job market. We offer an Honours year in three programs:

Your Honours year will:

  • enable you to pursue advanced study in a specialist area in more depth than is possible in an undergraduate degree
  • enhance your capacity for independent research
  • develop your research skills to the standard required for enrolment in research higher degrees 
  • encourage you to thrive in small classes in which staff promote vigorous and interactive discussion
  • provide you with an excellent basis for entry into Research Higher Degree programs

Entry requirements

  • BA Pass degree or equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 5.5 in a major or extended major in the relevant discipline (Ancient History, Classical Languages, Latin or Greek) Studies in Religion, Philosophy or History.
  • To study Honours in Philosophy you must also have a pass grade in Introduction to Logic (formerly PHIL1020, now PHIL2110).
  • For further information, please refer to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) page of UQ Courses and Programs and Honours Information


The Honours program must be completed in one-year of full-time study or two-years of part-time study. Honours can be commenced in Semester 1 or 2.

How to apply

  • Make an appointment with the Discipline Honours Advisor to discuss your interests, proposed topic and potential Honours supervisor.
  • All applications should be lodged online, see details on Courses and Programs Bachelor of Arts (Honours) page.
    • The Honours Enrolment form needs to be completed and added to the online application.
    • The deadline for submission of application in semetser 1 is 31 January and semester 2 is 30 June.

Honours can be a very busy time for students, so it is important that a research plan is organised well in advance.