Research Interests

My work lies in contemporary science-and-religion discourse, with a  focus on religiously-motivated vaccine hesitancies, antievolutionism, scientism, mass persuasion, and public perceptions of science. I also  have secondary research interests associated with religion in the  African diaspora, Pentecostalism, and Global Christianity.

Current Research Project

I am currently a Westpac Research Fellow, working on the project “Improving Vaccination Rates in Australia: Analysing Media, Religion and Policy.” This involves researching Australian-specific sources of vaccine hesitancies, including media persuasion and religious concerns, while considering how to positively deliver vaccination information.

Featured projects Duration
Teaching science-religion conflict
Summer Research Scholarship
Improving Vaccination Rates in Australia: Analysing Media, Religion and Policy
Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Research Fellowship
A Queensland Atlas of Religion: place, story, identity, action
ARC Linkage Project

Areas of research