Key themes in global and international history are addressed in the research specialities of UQ’s History staff in the School of Historial and Philosophical Inquiry. Their research contributes to international debates in the fields of medieval, modern European, Asian, Pacific and US history. Special topics of interest to our staff include: monastic governance in the Middle Ages; Early Modern soundscapes and religious culture; business networks in imperial and modern China; the visual culture of Japan; the history of manners in Thailand since the colonial period; Imperial Germany and the political cultures of modern Germany; aspects of late-Victorian cultural philanthropy; and Afro-American service personnel in the South Pacific theatre during WWII.

Research Statements (2016)

Featured projects Duration
Freedom and Protection in Medieval Monasteries
Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers
Enterprising Chinese Australians and the diaspora networks, 1890-1949
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
Battlefields of memory: places of war and remembrance in medieval and early modern England and Scotland
ARC Discovery Grant