Philosophy is a complex and often controversial subject that explores fundamental aspects of reality, value, morals and political ideas, spanning a range of topics in science, history, art and humanity.

Philosophers are less concerned about right or wrong answers; rather they examine, analyse and construct arguments that consider the value of other people’s viewpoints on the same questions. Philosophy is the systematic attempt to address such questions and teaches you not what to think but how to think.

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Why Choose

You will receive intellectual training in the critical evaluation of theories and arguments, and learn how to articulate your own opinions on complex problems. You will also develop the necessary level of intellectual confidence demanded by the study of Philosophy. 

At UQ, philosophy is interlinked with many other disciplines, and our academics teach in other majors including biomedicine, cognitive science, criminology, education, environmental studies, law, mathematics, peace and conflict studies, psychology and sciences. This shows the applicability of philosophical debate and enquiry across many academic areas.


Introductory courses will provide the fundamental ideas and philosophical debates which you will build on to complete the major. Choose from an extensive list of courses, covering a spectrum of philosophical topics such as art, ethics and logic.


An Honours program in Philosophy introduces you to advanced research techniques, methodologies, writing and communication skills required for professional research.

Research Opportunities

Summer Research program

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply to take part in research projects over the summer vacation period to gain experience working alongside leading UQ researchers.

Research Higher Degree projects

Research Higher Degree students within the School are engaged in a diverse range of research projects.

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