One of the most exciting and rewarding disciplines to study at university, History embraces the human experience in the broadest sense. In considering individuals, societies and civilizations across the globe and through time, you will explore the factors and changing circumstances shaping the human condition.

History is an ongoing dialogue between the present and the past, about how the past should be understood and interpreted. As a student of History you will learn about cause and consequence, change and continuity; you will also focus on the study of people and their attitudes, motivations and prejudices.

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Why Choose

In an information age, critical skills of research, analysis and communication are the key to employment success. A knowledge of historical context and processes through time clarifies your sense of humanity’s story, and your ability to develop critical insights into complex issues and situations.

History at UQ is highly internationalised with respect to course content, participation by students in exchange programs, international visitors and international engagement by staff.

The skills and knowledge you gain through the study of History are highly transferable and will prepare you for a great range of vocational opportunities.

History graduates can be found as leaders in the corporate world, in public policy and governance roles, defence and foreign affairs, journalism, legal research, education, archives and museums, working on heritage sites, in film and television production, and a host of other vocations. Your love of History and the skills gained in studying it will take you a long way.


Undergraduate courses are currently offered in the following areas:

  • Australian History
  • Asia and the Middle East
  • Modern Europe and the USA
  • Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • Cultural History


An Honours program in History introduces you to advanced research techniques, methodologies, writing and communication skills required for professional research.

Research Opportunities

Summer Research program

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply to take part in research projects over the summer vacation period to gain experience working alongside leading UQ researchers.

Research Higher Degree projects

Research Higher Degree students within the School are engaged in a diverse range of research projects.