Ancient History courses focus on the cultures of Greece and Rome, and you will have the opportunity to study their art, literature, religion, philosophy and politics and social customs.

Modern History courses cover the History of Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe and the USA, Asia, and the Middle East, and Australia.

Given the lasting influence of ancient ideas and institutions, the study of Ancient History helps to provide a basis for deeper understanding of modern society.

History teaches you how to interrogate the more recent past and enter into dialogue with forces that have shaped a variety of cultures within the modern world.

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Why Choose

As a student of Ancient History/History you will learn to critically analyse ancient and modern evidence and modern opinion, and develop a comprehensive and well-founded knowledge of selected historical periods, topics, research methods and forms of historical communication.

The study of Ancient History/History provides ideal training for any job in which you need to research, structure, and present an argument. It is especially useful for jobs requiring a wide breadth of historical knowledge. You will find graduates working in all levels of education as well as museums, publishing, media organisations, international agencies, and the public service.

The Ancient History/History major is tailored for students planning a career in education who need to meet teaching prerequisites for secondary school history.


Research Opportunities

Summer Research program

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply to take part in research projects over the summer vacation period to gain experience working alongside leading UQ researchers.

Research Higher Degree projects

Research Higher Degree students within the School are engaged in a diverse range of research projects.