Classics and Ancient History projects

  • The Environment of Ancient Rome

    This project led by Dr Keenan-Jones centres on human-environment interaction in the ancient Mediterranean.
  • Like frogs around a pond: Maritime Religion and Seafaring Gods of Ancient Greek Culture

    January 2014December 2018
    Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
    Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Early Career Research Award DE140101577
    Chief Investigator: Dr. Amelia R. Brown
    Research Assistants: Murray Kane, Rebecca Smith, Adam Brennan, Dr. Meltem Cemre Ustunkaya, Katee Dean, Nile De Jonge, Susan Edmondson
  • The First World War Antiquities Project

    This project will both locate, research, and publish information about antiquities brought back as souvenirs by Queensland service personnel during the First World War and tell the stories of the service men and women who collected them.
  • The Athenian Funeral Oration: 40 Years after Nicole Loraux

    In ancient democratic Athens a funeral oration was delivered annually in honour of the war dead. For the Athenian people it was a vitally important speech, because it reminded them who they were as a democratic society and why they continued to wage back-to-back wars in which their sons died in appalling numbers.