Like frogs around a pond: Maritime Religion and Seafaring Gods of Ancient Greek Culture

January 2014December 2018
Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)

Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Early Career Research Award DE140101577
Chief Investigator: Dr. Amelia R. Brown
Research Assistants: Murray Kane, Rebecca Smith, Adam Brennan, Dr. Meltem Cemre Ustunkaya, Katee Dean, Nile De Jonge, Susan Edmondson

Maritime religion is an important but overlooked factor in ancient Greek culture. Cults of seafaring gods throughout Classical Antiquity included rituals of embarkation, prayers at sea, and offerings for a safe arrival, all of which contributed to establishing and maintaining a collective Greek cultural identity around the Mediterranean sea. This project aims to assemble both textual and archaeological evidence for ancient Greek maritime religion; to explore the significance of cults of seafaring gods for ancient Greek ethnic identity, migration and colonization; and to contextualize ancient Greek maritime religion with comparable modern customs.