Solomon Islands National University Honors the Receipt of a Seminal Collection of Theses on Solomon Islands

4 Apr 2024

Honiara, Solomon Islands – Solomon Islands National University (SINU) is proud to announce the reception of a significant academic contribution, "Solomon Islands Theses Collection: Theses About or Direct Relevance to the Solomon Islands and with Digital Copies where available, 1883 to 2023," meticulously compiled by Emeritus Professor Clive Moore. This extensive collection was graciously presented by Dr. Nicole George of the University of Queensland, marking a monumental stride in the academic reservoir of the Solomon Islands on Tuesday 12 March. Professor Moore’s collection includes 1,214 thesis references and links to 512 digital copies of theses.

Professor Transform Aqorau, Vice Chancellor of SINU, lauded the initiative, emphasising its monumental significance. "This collection is not merely an academic resource; it is a treasure trove of scholarly work that encapsulates the rich history, culture, and socio-economic tapestry of the Solomon Islands over more than a century," said Professor Aqorau. He highlighted the extensive effort and dedication of Professor Clive Moore, an Adjunct Professor at SINU, in assembling this comprehensive collection.

"SINU is immensely fortunate to have an academic of Professor Clive’s stature and experience spearhead such an invaluable initiative. This collection is a testament to his lifelong commitment to education and his deep connection to the Solomon Islands. It will serve as a crucial resource for scholars, researchers, and students who wish to delve into the complexities and nuances of our beloved country's history and development," added Professor Aqorau.

The Solomon Islands Theses Collection encompasses a wide range of disciplines, reflecting the diverse and multifaceted nature of research conducted about the Solomon Islands. It provides an unparalleled window into the historical, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects of the region, offering digital access to rare and significant academic works.

SINU extends its profound gratitude to Professor Clive Moore for his outstanding contribution to the academic community and to Dr. Nicole George for facilitating this significant donation. The university is committed to preserving and promoting this collection, ensuring its accessibility to researchers, students, and the general public, thereby contributing to the ongoing educational and developmental discourse in the Solomon Islands.