Higher Degree Research 2019 Graduates

22 November 2019

The School extends congratulations to the following Higher Degree Research 2019 (year to date) Graduates and their Advisors:

Sarah Bartels, PhD: ‘The Devil and the Victorians: Supernatural Evil in Nineteenth-Century English Culture’. Advisors EmPr Philip Almond, Dr Geoff Ginn, and Dr Charlotte Rose Millar.

Kelly Beck, MPhil: “Beyond the Independent Woman: A Reading of Simone de Beauvoir's ‘When Things of the Spirit Come First’ with ‘The Second Sex’”. Advisors AsPr Marguerite La Caze, Dr Joe Hardwick, and AsPr Michelle Boulous Walker.

Jane Bitomsky, PhD: “'Murtherous-minded strumpets' and 'their wicked Companions quick with Child' at the early modern Home Circuit (1576-1659)”. Advisors AsPr Andrew Bonnell and AsPr Dolly MacKinnon.

Dianne Byrne, MPhil: ‘Grand Gifts: Nineteenth-century Queensland gold and silver presentation pieces’. Advisors Prof Peter Spearritt and AsPr William Ross Johnston.

William Casey, PhD: “She's Got Personality Plus: Australia's female popular vocalists 1956-1986”. Advisors Prof Peter Spearritt and Dr Peter Freeman.

Nile de Jonge, MPhil: ‘Water, Wind, and War: Maritime sacrifice and dedications in Herodotus’ histories’. Advisors Dr Amelia Brown and Prof Alastair Blanshard.

Elese Bree Dowden, PhD: ‘A Camusian Ethic for Reconciliation: Forgiveness and grief in Australia, New Zealand, and Rwanda’. Advisors AsPr Marguerite La Caze and Dr Gilbert Burgh.

Douglas Eacersall, PhD: ‘The Revival and Reconstruction of Western Martial Pursuits in Australia, 1969-2016’. Advisors AsPr Martin Crotty and Prof Murray Phillips.

Peter Ellerton, PhD: “Teaching for thinking: explaining pedagogical expertise in the development of the skills, values and virtues of inquiry”. Advisors Dr Gilbert Burgh and Prof Deborah Brown.

Anne-Marie Ellithorpe, PhD: “Towards a Practical Theology of Friendship”. Advisors Dr Neil Pembroke, Dr Charles Ringma, and Dr Irene Alexander.

Kirk Graham, PhD: ‘Breaking Hearts and Minds: Germany, national socialism, and British Subsersive propaganda in the Second World War’. Advisors AsPr Andrew Bonnell and Dr Geoff Ginn.

Simon Paul Kennedy, PhD: ‘Nature, the Fall, and the Secularisation of Early Modern Political Thought’. Advisors Prof Peter Harrison and Dr Leigh Penman.

Somayeh Khatibi Moghadam, PhD: ‘Collaborative Philosophical Inquiry as Peace Pedagogy’. Advisors Dr Peter Ellerton and Prof Peter Renshaw.

Adrian Moore, PhD: ‘Ethics and Aesthetics of Non-duality: Responses to Nihilism from Nietzsche to Camus’. Advisors AsPr Marguerite La Caze and Dr Gilbert Burgh.

Mariusz Popieluch, PhD: “Context-indexed Counterfactuals and Non-vacuous Counterpossibles”. Advisors Dr Joel Katzav and Prof Deborah Brown.

Carlos Robinson, MPhil: “Queen Arsinoe II, the Maritime Aphrodite and Early Ptolemaic Ruler Cult”. Advisors Dr Amelia Brown, Prof Alastair Blanshard, and Dr Andrew Collins.

Michelle Styles-Dargie, MPhil: ‘Mimesis: mimesis’. Advisors EmPr Peter Cryle and Dr Aurelia Armstrong.

Simone Thornton, PhD: ‘Disruptive Philosophies: Eco-rational education and the epistemology of place’. Advisors Dr Gilbert Burgh and AsPr Marguerite La Caze.

Victoria Worrall, MPhil: ‘Representations of Semiramis from Antiquity to the Medieval Period’. Advisors Prof Alastair Blanshard and Dr Janette McWilliam.

Yanzhe Yang, PhD: “Transforming Rural China: Legacies of the CCP and the Rural Reconstructionists, 1920-1937”. Advisors AsPr Chi-Kong Lai and Dr Patrick Jory.

Well done ALL!