World Philosophy Day is an important date on the philosophy calendar. Established by UNESCO in 2005, and celebrated at the University of Queensland since 2009, it provides opportunities to bring together philosophy students and staff, the UQ alumni community, visiting scholars and the public to engage with ideas that are relevant to people’s lives.

By celebrating World Philosophy Day each year, on the third Thursday of November, UNESCO underlines the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual.

The year we celebrated the 10th consecutive World Philosophy Day event at the University of Queensland. It is also the 3rd in a series of ‘Three Wise Women’ panel discussions; the inaugural event hosted in 2016. Guest speakers were Emeritus Professor Carole Ferrier (School of Communication and Arts), Ms. Sameema Zahra (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry), introduced by A/Prof Marguerite La Caze (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry). The theme, Women’s Suffrage, was suggested by Marguerite to celebrate 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. Marguerite also helped to organise the event.

By Gilbert Burgh

Emeritus Professor Carole Ferrier (School of Communication and Arts)
A/ Prof Marguerite La Caze (HPI)
Ms. Sameema Zahra (HPI)