ANCH2900: R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum International Internship Program and Alberese Material Culture Field School Rome and Southern Tuscany, Italy

HDR Research Projects

Below are some of the current HDR projects that are being undertaken in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry:


Classics and Ancient History

Name Thesis Title Advisory Team Research Interests
Nile de Jonge Maritime Sacrifices and Dedications in Herodotus' Histories Dr Amelia Brown, Professor Alastair Blanshard Greek Language, Greek Maritime History, Greek Religion
Dustin McKenzie                                            Landscape in the Discourses of Sicily During the First Century BC: Three Case Studies

Assoc/Prof Tom Stevenson, Dr Caillan Davenport (MQ)

Roman History, Ancient Historiography, Classical Archaeology
John McTavish

The Early Life and Career of Seleucus Nicator: 316-300 B.C.E.

Dr Amelia Brown, Dr Andrew Collins

Hellenistic History, The Diadochi, Kingship and Legitimacy
Charles Pry War on Stage: The Representation of Athenian War-Making in the Tragedies of Euripides Dr David Pritchard, Dr Amelia Brown Greek and Roman Drama (Tragedy and Comedy), The Legal Systems of Ancient Athens and Rome, the History of Late Antiquity and the Transformation of Rome from a pagan to Christian civilisation
Victoria Worrall Images of Semiramis Professor Alastair Blanshard, Dr Janette McWilliam Gender, Reception Studies, Historiography


Name Thesis Title Advisory Team Research Interests
Sarah Bartels Views and Representations of the Devil in Victorian England Emeritus Professor Philip Almond, Dr Charlotte-Rose Millar, Dr Geoff Ginn Victorian Britain, Supernatural, the Devil
Laura Campbell-Snape Old Times There Are Not Forgotten: The Lost Cause and Resistance to the Southern Freedom Movement in Mississippi, 1950-1970 Dr Lisa Featherstone, Dr Tom Aechtner Southern Studies, Gender History, Religion in Popular Culture
Sarah Chase Königsberg/Kaliningrad - A Contested Site of Memory Assoc/Prof. Andrew Bonnell, Dr Sarah Pinto (Deakin)  Intergenerational memory and history, post World War II Europe (particularly the experience and integration of German expellees, History and Identity, Emotions
Kirk Graham Germany, National Socialism, and British Subversive Propaganda, 1939-1945 Assoc/Prof. Andrew Bonnell, Dr Geoff Ginn Modern European History, Intellectual History, Cultural and Social History
Simon P. Kennedy Nature, the Fall, and the Secularisation of Early Modern Political Thought Prof. Peter Harrison, Dr Leigh Penman History of Political Thought, Christian Political Theology, Reformation History
Michelle Pfeffer History, Hermeneutics and the Soul: Immortality and Immateriality among Hebrews, Heathens and Early Christians from 1640-1740 Prof. Peter Harrison, Emeritus Professor Philip Almond, Dr James Lancaster History of Science, History of Medicine, History of Scholarship
Brendan Walsh The English Exorcist: John Darrell and the Elizabethan Witchcraft Controversy Emeritus Professor Philip Almond, Dr Leigh Penman, and Dr Charlotte-Rose Millar Early Modern Period, Christian Demonology, Puritanism
Chenchen Wang The Business Strategies the Chinese Enterprises Usd to Deal With the Crisis During the Wartime (1937-1952) Assoc/Prof. Chi-Kong Lai, Assoc/Prof. Andrew Bonnell Modern Chinese Business History, Modern Chinese Economic History, Gender History
Elmari Whyte Domestic Service in Australia, 1914-195: A Comparison With Britain Dr Lisa Featherstone, Dr Geoff Ginn Gender Studies, Labour History, Social History
Wing-Fai Wong Everyday Life of the Celestials in the Land of the Parrot: Chinese Almanacs in Australia Assoc/Prof. Chi-Kong Lai, Dr Patrick Jory Chinese Australian History, Chinese Australian Heritage, Chinese Metaphysics



Name Thesis Title Advisory Team Research Interests
Anton Chang Work in Progress-- The Phenomenology of Work Dr Michelle Boulous Walker, Assoc/Prof Marguerite La Caze, Dr Costica Bradatan Time, Death, the Work of Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Katherine Diserens Peirce and Arendt on Political Thought and Action Dr Gil Burgh, Assoc/Prof Marguerite La Caze Pragmatism, Totalitarianism, Humanity
Elese B. Dowden Reconciling the Impossible: Forgiveness and Grief in Contemporary New Zealand, Australia, and Rwanda Assoc/Prof. Marguerite La Caze, Dr Gilbert Burgh Gender Studies, Existential Phenomenology, Decolonial Theory
Michael Hearn Vulnerability: Beyond Bodies; Dancing into the Unknowable Assoc/Prof. Marguerite La Caze, Assoc/Prof. Matthew Sharpe Humanity, Escape, The Blush
Dave Kinkead Simulation as Argument: A Computational Methodology for Philosophy Dr Gilbert Burgh, Dr Julian Lamont Computational Philosophy, Digital Ethics, Political Philosophy
Chris Mesiku Personhood Physics and Reality: Defending Polanyian Realism and its Revelation Within Current Physics and Neuroscientific Research Dr Joel Katzav, Professor Gerard Milburn Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science
Somayeh Khatibi Moghadam Community of Philosophical Inquiry as a Pedagogy for Peace Education Dr Gilbert Burgh, Dr Kim Nichols Philosophy for Children, Community of Inquiry, Peace Education
Adrian Moore Post Philosophical Being: Camus and the ethic of non-duality in continental aesthetics Assoc/Prof. Marguerite La Caze, Dr Gilber Burgh Existentialism, Neo-Hellenism, Eastern Philosophy
Mariusz Popieluch Ordering the Impossible: Extending the Similarity Relation on Worlds Dr Toby Meadows, Assoc/Prof Deborah Brown Counterpossibles, Hyperintensionality, Philosophical Logic
Hora Zabarjadi Sar A critical study of the hermeneutics of home/alien experience via the generative phenomenology of Husserl Dr Gilbert Burgh, Assoc/Prof. Marguerite La Caze Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Epistemic Injustice 
Sameema Zahra Risk, Values and Violence: A Beauvoirean Critique Assoc/Prof. Marguerite La Caze, Dr Michelle Boulous Walker, Dr Christine Daigle (Brock University, Canada) Phenomenology and Existentialism, Studies of Violence, Feminism

Studies In Religion

Name Thesis Title Advisory Team Research Interests
Matthew Seaman 'To Turn the World Upside Down': An Empirical Study of Salvationist Understandings of Holiness in the Anthropocene

Associate Professor Neil Pembroke
Rev Dr Clive Ayre

The Salvation Army, Practical Theology, Religion and Ecology
Nien-Ting Lee The Transational Goddess Down Under: An Exploration of the Religiosity & Diaspora of Mazu in Australia Dr Tom Aechtner
Dr Adam Bowles
Chinese Religions, Goddess Mazu, Pilgrimage
Jeremy Wales Cohering Isaiah: a cognitive-pragmatic perspective Dr Tom Aechtner

The potential interaction between cognitive theories of communication - currently Sperber and Wilson's Relevance theory in particular - and contested issues in biblical interpretation - currently the alleged coherence of the prophetic scroll Isaiah


Derek Peters Re-thinking Christian Personhood and it’s Influence within Church Communities Associate Professor Neil Pembroke Eastern Orthodox Theology, Critical Realist Social Theory, Greek Philosophy and History, Trinitarian Theology, Church History and Formation, Social Constructionism and Leadership Theory and influences

Jan Albert van den Berg

Tweeting God: A practical theological analysis of the communication of Christian motifs on Twitter Associate Professor Neil Pembroke Practical Theology and Social Media
Oliver Zambon Religion, Rhetoric, and Reality: science-religion narratives in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness’

Dr Tom Aechtner
Dr Adam Bowles

Science-religion discourse, new religious movements, contemporary Hinduism