Retro-Causality: Unravelling the Mysteries of Quantum Cosmology

TimeOne of the most pressing contemporary problems for the foundations of physics is the seeming incompatibility between our best description of the large-scale structure of reality – general relativity – and our best description of the small-scale structure of reality – quantum mechanics. The broad field attempting to reconcile these descriptions, known as 'quantum cosmology', encompasses a wide variety of research across physics and philosophy, and there remains significant disagreement about a solution to this incompatibility.

As featured in a recent article in the popular science magazine Scientia, Dr Peter Evans sheds new light on this debate by considering a novel angle to the problem: what if the cause of an event could be located in the future of that event? Dr Evans argues that, given a conceptual framework built from the right background assumptions, his ideas could answer some of the most pressing questions posed by quantum cosmology. To justify these claims, he has drawn together a variety of concepts from fields including cosmology, quantum mechanics and philosophy. If correct, his ideas could dispel some of the most puzzling mysteries of quantum theory – a significant step forward in understanding the nature of reality.

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Listen to Dr Evan's podcast Unravelling the Mysteries of Quantum Cosmology here, or follow him on Twitter.