Semester 2, 2016
All seminars held from 3.00-5.00pm in room E302, Forgan Smith Building (1), unless indicated otherwise.
Date Title Presenter
Thursday, 28 July 1.30pm: A Computable Model of Dual Attention: Integrating Philosophy of Engineering and Philosophy of Mind using Impedance Analogy
Sholto Maud
(Confirmation milestone)
Friday, 29 July Rethinking Eudaimonism in Greek and Neo-Aristotelian Ethics Iakovos Vasiliou
Friday, 5 August 2.00pm: Causal Modelling for Republicans
George Nguyen
(Confirmation milestone)
3.00pm: How to argue for and against abstracta Dan Marshall
Friday, 12 August 2.00pm: A Philosophical Account of Self-Destruction
Grace Campbell
(Confirmation milestone)
3.00pm: Function and design Gregory Bamford
Friday, 19 August Desire, Emotion and Attention
Neil Sinhababu
(National University of Singapore)
Friday, 26 August
(held in room 216, Michie Building (9))
Sameema Zahra
(Confirmation milestone)
(held in room E219, Forgan Smith Building (1))
Darcy Burgin
(Confirmation milestone)
Friday, 2 September Ethical Eating
William Grey
(University of Queensland
Friday, 9 September Aesthetic Values in Science
Milena Ivanova
(Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximillian Universität)
Friday, 16 September Aristotle and the Uniqueness Thesis
Brennan K. McDavid
(University of Melbourne)
Friday, 23 September Does education need philosophy? Philosophical research and empirical studies in educational philosophy say it does!
Gilbert Burgh
(University of Queensland)


Semester 1, 2016

All seminars held from 3.00-5.00pm in room E302, Forgan Smith Building (1), unless indicated otherwise.
Date Title Presenter
Friday, 11 March Robinson Crusoe and the Epistemologists Rod Girle
Friday, 18 March A Liability Model of Moral Responsibility Keith Hankins
Friday, 15 April
(held in room 215,
Gordon Greenwood Building (32))
Simone Thornton
(Confirmation milestone)
Elese Dowden
(Confirmation milestone)
Katherine Diserens
(Confirmation milestone)
2.00pm: The Other Side of the Chiasm
Mark Cutler
(Confirmation milestone)
Friday, 29 April The problem of directive moral education Michael Hand
Friday, 6 May The other Side of the Other: Val Plumwood and Emmanuel Levinas Frances Gray
Friday, 13 May RHD Confirmation milestone seminars
Friday, 20 May Climate debt and lax liabilities: The analogous liability for historical breeding practices Hugh Breakey
Friday, 27 May 3.00pm: Nietzsche’s relational conception of life, art and reality
Riccardo Carli
(Confirmation milestone)
Friday, 3 June Converging on Quietism John Atkins
Friday, 1 July The Epistemology of Modality and the Epistemology of Mathematics
Otavio Bueno
(University of Miami)
Monday, 18 July 11.00am: Hume, recognition and the self
Dario Perinetti
(Universite du Quebec a Montreal)