Traditionally, education in the humanities has been recognized as a public good for inculcating civic values. This project revisits that aim with a view to recognizing diversity within the student population and the evolving challenges of cooperation in a multicultural society. The winter research scholar’s duties will be to work on part of this wider vision for understanding how the humanities can serve as a bridge between the University and the community, preparing students for global citizenship while address urgent social needs. The scholar will be directed by her or his own interests in partnership with Dr Ryan Williams on this project.

This Project aims to:

  • Collect data through focus groups, interviews or survey measures as part of developing and piloting measurements to evaluate experiential and transformative pedagogical methods and student experience.
  • Develop strategic partnerships in the public sector and community.
  • Contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The Winter Research scholar’s duties will be to:

  1. To help develop tools for measuring experiential learning outcomes
  2. To conduct their own research related to fostering understanding and cooperation in a multicultural society

Suitable for:

  1. Students must be currently enrolled at UQ
  2. A background in Studies in Religion will be considered an asset
  3. Interest in social scientific methods as they relate to the study of religion in contemporary society.

For further information please contact Dr Ryan Williams