Terms of Reference:

  1. To advise on all substantive matters of teaching/learning, research, staff recruitment and development, infrastructure, external and community relations, budget, and strategic directions of the School.
  2. To formulate, modify and oversee the implementation of the School Strategic and Operational Plan.
  3. To consider reports and recommendations from School Committees when necessary.



Head of School (Chair)

Megan Cassidy-Welch

Secretary/Academic Administrator

Tony Hartley

Deputy Head of School

Aurelia Armstrong

School Manager

Shirley Moran (after March, Beck Hurst)

Director of Teaching and Learning

Kriston Rennie

Director of Research

Marguerite La Caze

Deputy Director of Research (HDR)

Toby Meadows

Director of Engagement

Geoff Ginn

History discipline convenor

Patrick Jory

Philosophy discipline convenor

Aurelia Armstrong

Studies in Religion discipline convenor

Adam Bowles

Classics and Ancient History discipline convenor

Janette McWilliam

Meeting dates, semester 1, 2018

March 2

April 20