Prime Minister William Hughes

William Morris (Billy) Hughes (1862-1952) was one of the most influential politicians in Australian history. As long-term MP, he was first elected to Federal Parliament in 1901, served as Prime Minister from 1915-1923, and played an active role in federal politics until his death.

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Margaret Thorp

Margaret Thorp (12 June 1892 – 5 May 1978) was a Christian peace activist and socialist. During World War I, she led the organisation of women in Brisbane for the cause of peace and against conscription.

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Ernie and Mabel Lane

Ernest (Ernie) Lane and Mabel Lane (née Gray) were socialist activists, centrally involved in the trade union and peace movements in Brisbane during the First World War.

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Anna Paterson

Not much is known about Anna Paterson (c.1864-1924), convenor of the Women’s Compulsory Service Petition League and President of the Women’s National Defence Association of Queensland. The few details of her life available to history, however, indicate that Paterson was representative of a dominant strand in conservative women’s organising and experience during the wartime period.

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