Professor Vincent Gabrielsen

Vincent Gabrielsen is a Professor of Ancient History at the SAXO-Institute, University of Copenhagen.

Professor Gabrielsen is a leading international expert on ancient Greek navies, Greek warfare, Athenian political institutions, Hellenistic social history and the ancient history of the Black-Sea region. He has published extensively and is constantly in demand for public lectures across Europe.

Professor Gabrielsen visited the School from 17 - 28 October, 2010.

During his time with the School, Professor Gabrielsen was involved in various events, including:

  • Sunday, 17 October: public lecture, "Banking and Credit Operations in the Ancient Greek World 350-31BC"
  • Monday, 18 October: undergraduate lecture (for the course ANCH2040 - The World of Classical Athens)
  • Friday, 22 October: Keynote speaker session at Cultural History of the Greeks Conference, "Brotherhoods of Faith: Private Clubs in the Ancient World"