Professor Donald Kyle

Donald Kyle is a Professor of History and Classical Studies at the University of Texas, Arlington.

Professor Kyle is one of the world’s experts on the Ancient Olympic Games and their relevance to modern society. He researches aspects of the history of sport in antiquity. His teaching encompasses fields such as: Ancient Sport and Recreation; Greek and Roman History and Civilisation; Greek and Roman Historians; and History and Civilisation. Professor Kyle has published widely in this field and is an award-winning teacher.

Professor Kyle visited the School from 19 - 28 May, 2009.

During his time with the School, Professor Kyle was involved in various events, including:

  • Friday, 22 May: Classics research seminar, "Kyniska: Sport and Politics in Sparta"
  • Sunday, 24 May: public lecture, "The New Ancient Olympics"
  • Wednesday, 27 May: undergraduate lectures, "Roman Blood Sports" and "Roman Beast Spectacles" (for the course ANCH2230 - Pax Romana: The Early Roman Empire)