Religion is a major force in every part of the world, and continues to shape societies across the globe. The Studies in Religion program provides you with the opportunity to examine the world’s most influential religious traditions, and develop critical methods for analysing them.

Undertake courses in the history of religions; western and eastern religious traditions, spiritual practices and religious thought; the sociology of religion; contemporary religious movements, and the relationship between science and religion.

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Why Choose

Religion plays a pivotal role in social, political and economic issues across the globe. In almost all cultures, people have wrestled with issues of human existence through religious ideas and people continue to look to religions for meaning, ethics and explanations for life-questions.

The study of religion develops critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding and in-depth knowledge of religious beliefs and practices.

As a student of Studies in Religion you will gain skills that are an excellent foundation for progression to postgraduate studies in law, business and education. They are also an advantage for careers in broadcasting, community development, foreign affairs, health and social care, international business, journalism, law, travel and tourism.


Courses offered at undergraduate level introduce you to the spectrum of religious topics, religious texts and spiritual beliefs, including:

  • Asian religions
  • belief and unbelief
  • ecology and the sacred
  • famous thinkers on religion
  • peace and violence
  • reporting religion
  • representation in media, film and music
  • ritual, religion and performance
  • sacred languages
  • the future of religion
  • the supernatural
  • world religions

The School currently offers a selection of courses that are delivered purely online.


An Honours program in Studies in Religion introduces you to advanced research techniques, methodologies, writing and communication skills required for professional research.

Research Opportunities

Summer Research program

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply to take part in research projects over the summer vacation period to gain experience working alongside leading UQ researchers. 

Research Higher Degree projects

Research Higher Degree students within the School are engaged in a diverse range of research projects.