I have a background in social psychology and I’m passionate about the potential of research to help effect positive social change. My research has focussed on the application of social psychological theories such as schema theory and social identity theory to investigate perceptions of, and responses to, sexual and partner violence. I have previously been published on both responses to partner violence and child sexual abuse.

In my current position as a Research Fellow I intend to explore similarities and differences in understandings of sexual consent, and the contextual (relationship status) and social factors (group memberships, gender role beliefs) that may contribute to this variation. Further, I hope to link people’s understandings of sexual consent with bystander responses and intervention intentions.

Minto, K., Masser, B., & Louis, W. (2021). Lay Understandings of the Structure of Intimate Partner Violence in Relationships: An Analysis of Behavioral Clustering Patterns. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 088626052098627. https://doi.org/10.1177/0886260520986276