Presenter: Professor Katja Sporn (German Archaeological Institute at Athens), AAIA Visiting Professor 2016

Ancient Phokis lies in Central Greece and extends from Delphi in the West to Kalapodi in the East, neighbouring Boiotia, Western and Eastern Locris and the doric Tetrapolis. It is dominated by mount Parnassos and includes the fertile plain of Kephissos in the North-East. Today, the region is barely known beside its major sanctuary in Delphi on the one side and the sanctuary of Kalapodi on the other side, which is investigated by the German Archaeological Institute at Athens with interruptions since the 1970’s. Both in Delphi and Kalapodi, cults of Apollo and the Apolline Triad were conducted. The seminar presents an overview of the cults and types of sanctuaries in this landscape, and tries to define the specific cultic fingerprint of the region.