Presenter: Sameema Zahra (Confirmation milestone)

The other is the inevitable half of the self. The self cannot think of itself without differentiating itself from the other, the crucial question however is which of the differences should be counted? My project aims at putting sexual differences at the heart of our being. Once this sexually embodied subject is identified I want to further look at the relationships this being has to other sexually embodied beings. Since man and woman have different bodies and their bodies are their grasps on the world it is essential to ask if their bodily difference also affect their relationship with others. One of the very crucial differences between the masculine and the feminine world is the presence and absence of violence. In a man’s world violence is reciprocal, he does it and receives it as well. In the feminine world there is usually no reciprocity in violence; woman only receives violence. My aim is to engage with this phenomenon of masculine and feminine subjectivity that takes into account the ontology of sexual difference.