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Dr Amelia R. Brown

Senior Lecturer in Greek History & Language, Classics & Ancient History, School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry, University of Qld.

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“Greek Language, Land and Sea: Reflections on Greek History and Maritime Religion, Ancient and Modern”

Herodotus described the Panhellenic culture of Classical Greece as based on shared language and customs, which by his era were spread widely around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and also in constant interchange with other coastal cultures like the ancient Phoenicians.  The Modern Greek poet George Seferis, who came from coastal Smyrna, frequently tied the landscapes and customs of Modern Greeks together with those of Antiquity.   He observed an affinity with the ancient Greeks which he rooted in the language of Greek. 

Inspired by the interests of the late Con Castan and Bob Milns, this talk will discuss some ways that Herodotus and Seferis both speak of Greek identity forming on the shoreline, the intersection of land and sea, including some maritime religious practices for Aphrodite, Hera and the Panagia. 

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