Title: Dynamic Tension: Knowledge, Being, and Time between Theological Metaphysics and Continental Philosophy

Abstract: In recent centuries, the rise of continental philosophy has challenged traditional philosophical and theological accounts of knowledge, being, and time by thinkers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Aquinas. In general terms, continental philosophers such as G. W. F. Hegel and Martin Heidegger can be read as repudiating notions of an atemporal realm that can explicate the world we inhabit, such as Platonic forms and Aristotelian essence. Focusing on three categories, I propose that a paradigm for bringing together insights from both continental philosophy and traditional philosophical theology is offered by analogical metaphysics of the German-Polish theologian, Erich Przywara (1889–1972). This Przywaran paradigmatic solution holds the two approaches in dynamic tension in contrast to some other attempts to integrate them; for example, by articulating theology as continental philosophy.

Presenter: Elizabeth Culhane, HDR candidate in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry


St Lucia
E319, Forgan Smith (1)