Title: Kas nende kodu on ka Eestimaa [Is Estonia also their home]? The Russian Minority in Estonia

Abstract: Following the restoration of independence, successive Estonian governments have had to deal with a radically-changed demographic and social reality – the presence of a large percentage of Russophones on Estonian territory. As Rogers Brubaker's “triadic nexus” theory sets out, the interaction between the “nationalising state” based in Tallinn and this “minority nationalism” is of central importance to both groups. In this presentation, I will outline the nature of this interaction, tracing it through political and extra-political events. My argument throughout is that the requirements of European integration have shaped this dynamic, and have served to defuse what could easily have turned into a violent ethno-political flashpoint.

Presenter: Harry Kriewaldt, HDR candidate in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

This is an HDR milestone presentation. All are welcome.