The Friends of Antiquity in conjunction with The Discipline of Classics and Ancient History, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry present the 25th Annual Ancient History Day ‘Law and Order in Antiquity’


Emeritus Professor Trevor Bryce (Justice and the Law in the Ancient Near East);

Professor Alastair Blanshard (The Trial of Socrates);

Emeritus Professor Bob Milns AM (Demosthenes, Aeschines and the ‘Crown Trial’ of 330BC);

Assoc. Prof. David Pritchard (Soldiers, Sailors and Police Officers in Democratic Athens);

Dr Janette McWilliam (Children and the Law in Ancient Rome);

Dr Amelia Brown (Roman Law Codes - Theodosius to Justinian).


Registration opens from 8.00 - 9.00am.

Cost (including morning tea):

  • $55 each
  • $15 each (for students with ID)
  • $45 each (for FoA/AFUQ members)

A detailed program will be available for collection at the registration desks on Ancient History Day.

For further details of presentations, registration and payment, refer to the 25th Annual Ancient History Day flyer.