The plethora of papers and chapters on Newcomb's Paradox is sometimes described as Necombmania. In our view Newcombmania is not phony as Bealtemania was once criticised as phony. Instead, a large number of topics have been very fruitfully explored by reference to Newcomb's Paradox. A danger remains that the essence of Newcomb's Paradox, as a paradox of decision theory, can be lost in the exploration of many themes and issues. To refocus, philosophers and mathematicians need to be clear how about the different parts of Newcomb's game interact, and to think of these components as realistically as they can. If they do that, we argue The Predictor is best thought of as a time traveller. Reworking some of David Lewis's ideas against his own conclusions, we then argue that a Novikov Consistent solution to Newcomb's Paradox is a one box solution.

Gerald is an alumnus of UQ, where he completed his PhD in the logic and metaphysics of time. Gerald's research interests include the philosophy of time, logic, political philosophy, and ethics.