Laura Roberts, Feminist Legacies of Paris May '68

'While the theoretical gurus of what’s left of the Left’ lament ‘their political impotence’ (Braidotti 2015) it is perhaps more important than ever to reflect on the feminist politics and philosophy that emerges out of the events of 1968 in France. This talk will explore the importance of these legacies for philosophy as well as for our understandings of progressive politics and activism today.’

Bryan Mukandi, An inescapable network of mutuality

‘In his 1963 ‘Letter From a Birmingham Jail’, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote ‘of the interrelatedness of all communities and states’and warned against narrow provincialism. I want to warn against seeing either Paris or Nanterre as the epicentre of May ’68, and point out the promise in grasping ‘la révolution’ in socio-historical, political and philosophical terms that go beyond perfunctory acknowledgements of civil rights and anti-colonial struggles.’

Jon Piccini, Australia’s 1968: a view from the periphery

‘Australia is rarely considered amongst the nations shaken by the events of 1968. This talk will propose several key ways in which we can understand this most global and radical of years impacting on a geographically isolated settler state.’

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