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Philosophy for Children is not about the lives or even the thoughts of the great philosophers. It is about the practice and procedure of thinking more critically. A format for pedagogy in nursery, primary and secondary classrooms includes an initial focusing exercise, teacher modelling of Socratic questioning, and peer learning through pairs or groups continuing this questioning and working out negotiated solutions. One session per week over an academic year is the minimum requirement. The research on P4C is extremely encouraging. Studies in Scotland found that P4C children were ahead of control groups in primary. Two years later when the children were in secondary, the difference was still evident. Other studies found gains in socio-emotional aspects and self-concept. These studies were replicated in Texas with exactly the same results. An RCT study in England then found P4C was associated with increased performance in attainments in English and Math. P4C is used in 60 countries around the world, including Australia.


Forgan Smith Building