9.15-10.00: Emeritus Prof. Trevor Bryce ‘Lesser Known Women of the Ancient Near East’;

10.00-10.45: Dr Dorothy Watts AM ‘Power and Passion: Some women of the Ancient Persian Court’;

11.15-12.00: Dr Serena Love ‘Queen Nefertari of the 19th Dynasty’;

12.00- 12.45: Dr Janette McWilliam ‘Celebrating the Lives of Non-Imperial Roman Women’;

2.15-3.00: Emeritus Prof. Bob Milns AM ‘Sappho and Erinna: Poetesses in a Male Society’;

3.00-3.45: Dr Amelia R. Brown ‘Empress Theodora: From Roman Actress to Christian Saint’.

A detailed program will be available for collection at the registration desk on 24 March.

All welcome.

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