The 2017 Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference and the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions are proud to host a public lecture by Dr Karen Jones of the University of Melbourne. All are welcome for what promises to be an exciting and engaging discussion of human rationality, emotion, and connection.

Wise trust is a normatively richer notion than justified trust. Justified trust is rationally permissible trust; wise trust is excellent trust. I begin by exploring the ways in which justified trust is affected by background webs of trust and of distrust, and by the level of vulnerability of the would-be truster. I argue against the common misconception that the wise should economise on their trust, for just as misplaced trust has a cost, so too does misplaced distrust. Wise trust cannot be captured in rules, but we can talk about the functional virtues required to be wise in our trust.



St Lucia Campus
Abel Smith Lecture Theatre