Presenter: Hora Zabarjadisar (Confirmation milestone seminar)

This study is a phenomenological investigation of the process of home/alien’s social identity construction, which is based on a polarity between ontological familiarity and strangeness within an intersubjective level. This study specifically applies ‘Generative Phenomenology’ of Edmund Husserl based on his published and unpublished works. The main question of this study then is:

  • What sort of hermeneutic we would be deal with, on home/alien encounter, in intersubjective level?

Doing so, the study critically tries to locate the issues of epistemic injustices within the type of hermeneutics of home/alien encounter; those epistemic deficiencies that can lead to aliens’ social experience being obscured from understanding, and therefore, results in having no full hermeneutical participation in conceiving collective social meanings.