Presenter: Matthew Seaman (Thesis review milestone)

The term “Anthropocene” conveys the notion that a new geological epoch can be identified due to the substantial extent of human influence upon the Earth’s biomes and atmosphere. Current and projected negative impacts of these changes to ecosystems and the diversity of life within are many and varied. I contend that theological and practical approaches to the notion of Christian holiness found within The Salvation Army, along with the broader Wesleyan-Holiness Movement, are valuable avenues to facilitate further faith-based dialogue and practical action toward minimising destructive human impacts and encouraging the flourishing of life within the biosphere. This presentation will provide an overview of the thesis research project that has investigated Salvationist perceptions of holiness and associated practical expressions in light of Anthropocenic concepts and concerns.

Image via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain


Forgan Smith Building (1),
St Lucia campus