Presenter: Anita Monro

Feminist theological perspectives have diversified exponentially with the unfolding recognition of the multiplicity of contextual identities. A clear fourth wave of feminist theological work has emerged at the beginning of the 21st century; and the work of this wave (itself diverse) extends, confirms and challenges the work of earlier generations. This multiplicity unfurls in the wake of the shifting currents of kyriarchies which, being thwarted in certain trajectories, reinvent themselves in ever more subtle ways as they attempt to assert and re-assert old patterns of the exercise of power. This complexity leads some to proclaim the death of feminism; others to celebrate the mainstreaming of certain feminist contributions; and yet others to re-focus the hermeneutics of suspicion on the task of re-identifying places where the kyriarchal leviathan is surfacing again. The feminist theological contribution to contexuality remains and needs to remain multiple, ambiguous and diverse.

Image via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain


Forgan Smith Building (1),
St Lucia campus