Presenter: Anthony Cupitt (Confirmation milestone seminar)

There is nothing in the Laws of Cricket to provide a definitive answer to the question of whether a batsman, who is certain that the Laws would allow the umpire to give him ‘out’, should walk, or stand his ground and wait for the umpire to answer the appeal. There are Laws that seem to support either option, and the sport’s Code of Conduct, encapsulated in the Spirit of Cricket, can been used to argue for both positions.

My initial exploration of this questions aims to identify the common interests of the various stakeholders. While players are tasked with making the choice to walk or stand their ground, it is a choice tempered by years of exposure to these common interests, under the guidance of teammates, administrators, and supporters. The identification of a common interest, will allow for a broader analysis of this question within a prevailing zeitgeist of cricket.


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