We are delighted to announce that the International Conference on the Impact of War on Modern Chinese Society will take place at the University of Queensland, on Friday-Saturday, October 18-19, 2013. This international conference will involve a broad range of scholars from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada, comparing and contrasting a variety of issues and research methods relating to the theme of conflict in modern China. Our interests range geographically from China’s far west to the Yellow Sea and Japan, Manchuria to Chongqing. Temporally, we range from the late-19th to the 21st century. Our topics are as diverse as battlefield tactics, rural reconstruction, woodblock printing and microblogging.

This diversity illustrates the theme of the conference. War is not restricted to battle – it involves society at all levels, and continues to influence society long after the combatants have left the field. We will, therefore, seek to discuss our varied research interests in terms of the social impact of war. Can we, for example, look at war in terms of production and consumption? How does war seek to manage or engineer society? How is conflict an intellectual exercise, a media construction, or a political expedient? Above all, how is war a social problem?

Our keynote speakers will be Professors Ricardo K.S. Mak, (Hong Kong Baptist University), Ka Po Ng (Aichi Bunkyo University), and Colin Mackerras (Griffith University). The conference is open to the public and participation is free of charge. We can still accept one or two good papers. Proposals for papers, as well as further enquiries, should be submitted by email to the conference convener (c.lai@uq.edu.au) or the conference's secretariat (cqwxl2009@hotmail.com).


The University of Queensland,
St Lucia campus