On Friday, 19 August the UQ Anthropology Museum will open an exhibition on Solomon Islands, “Solomon Islands: Re-enchantment and the Colonial Shadow” curated by Dr Diana Young, director of the museum, in collaboration with Solomon Islands scholars including Emeritus Professor Clive Moore, Dr Graham Baines and Associate Professor Annie Ross. The brief for the exhibition is that the “show is based on Chakrabarty’s call for narratives that are non-temporal and non -modern to think outside the dominant (European and Australian) approach to European history.” To coincide with this exhibition, the UQ Solomon Islands Partnership and the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at The University of Queensland presents two days of seminars.

Friday, 19 August: UQ Solomon Islands Partnership lunch time Seminar

Saturday, 20 August: School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry one-day Seminar

If you plan to attend, please email Clive Moore.

Seminar Programme


Forgan Smith Building Tower (1),
St Lucia campus