Presenter: Catherine Smallcombe (Mid-candidature review)

Pompey’s interactions with Venus in the Late Republic demonstrated a shift in individual use of her image. The Theatre of Pompey, located in the Campus Martius, featured a temple to the goddess with the title of ‘Venus Victrix’. Numerous military themes were present throughout this complex, and the prominent placement of this temple allowed Pompey to publically demonstrate Venus’ power as a ‘bringer of victory’, as well as acknowledge her positive influence in his military career. The completion date of the theatre complex in 55 B.C. also hints at ties between Pompey’s family and the Julii. At this time, Pompey’s marriage to Caesar’s daughter, Julia, was intended to cement an alliance between the two great families. Venus was considered a patron deity by both Pompey and the Julii. The breakdown of their planned joint dynasty upon the death of Julia and her young son would ultimately see the two families compete for Venus’ favour during the ensuing Civil War.


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